Women who receive massages during their pregnancies will benefit tremendously.
Stress reduction:
 Stress reduction is the “overriding” benefit of massage during pregnancy, allowing more oxygen flow to support the developing baby.

Soothe baby:
 When a mom is stressed, those hormones also reach the baby and can lead to a baby who’s at increased risk for colic, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and is harder to soothe. Pregnancy massage can help counteract those stress hormones, so calm mom equals calm baby.

Relief of pregnancy discomfort:
 Any woman who has been pregnant knows how uncomfortable pregnancy can be, especially in the last few weeks. But a massage can help relieve some of that discomfort and soothe sore muscles.
Postpartum healing:
 Massage for pregnancy isn’t just for those nine months of gestation, it’s also for that painful “fourth trimester” of healing after birth. Booking a massage in the postpartum weeks can help you heal faster, cleanse your body and re-balance your muscles.

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